Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Full Day

Wednesday was another full day in Minnesota. We went to Mom's Group at Beka's church. There were about 25 moms (2/3 of them pregnant!) and more babies, toddlers and not-yet-old-enough-for-school aged kids....I couldn't begin to count! The babies have a nursery to go to and the other kids go to "Pre-School." This week Jakob wanted to sit with us so he played quietly for one and a half hours. It's pretty informal, they sit around small round tables and there's coffee, popcorn (both sweet or salty, your choice) and homemade goodies. A few of the gals share a little, there's some general chatter & sharing and then more treats and sharing when the kids are released back to their moms. Then Jakob and all the little boys race and run from one end of the foyer to the other. They love to run.

Bethany College is right next to the church so Beka called Jason and he was able to get away for lunch with us. I offered to treat (big whoop! we were going to Costco!!! Grandma is the last of the big spenders!). They found a freezer they'd been needing so we carted that home too.

Back home, and Beka went to her job at Lifetime Fitness and I got to watch the kids. Sadies took a nap and Jakob and I ate Popsicles on the deck, watered all the flowers, read books and watched "Curious George."

When Daddy came home we got the wagon out and went to McCann Park, only 1 block from their house. I love this old barn that seems a bit out of place in the middle of suburbia.

First off we hit the swings. The wind was a'blowing and Sadies loved it. Jakob wanted always to go higher. Even Grandma swung a bit.

There were slides and so much more.

Jakob loves the climbing wall. Grandpa took him here last winter when the snow was deep. No snow today! Jakob just went right up to the top and tried to go over but Daddy came to the rescue.
It was a fun again but rain predicted for today (and a bit cooler temps.).

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