Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Shower Fun

It's been awhile since I went to a baby shower. You know, that female rite of passage where those who have become Moms before this day pass on their vast and experienced advice to the prospective new Mom. She is all smiles and thinks (and hopes) it will be a breeze for HER labor...that everyone else is either exaggerating or were just wimps....SHE'S going to be different! There are plenty of labor and delivery stories ( the good and the bad), there are presents to open and oooh and ahhh over, squeals of , "How cute!"

Beka and I went to a baby shower last night for one of her friends. There were about 25 lovely young women at least half of them were pregnant!
Here are just four of them....the shower recipient is in the polka-dots, you can see her back in the picture. There was a 3 week old sweet baby girl too! I knew 4 or 5 of the gals....I am glad that I've begun to know Beka's friends. We played a few I've never seen before:

Michelle froze the baby doll in a bucket of water, and then hung her over a bucket to catch the drips. We were to fill out a slip of paper guessing the time of the "birth" of the baby...when the ice would melt/drop off and the baby doll would be born. Kind of fun, kind of creepy, fascinating though. We got there at 6:30 and I guessed 8:04.

These two pictures were taken right after one another about 8:45. The ice had totally melted off the baby's back and was being held on by the arms and legs. At 9:02 a big "clunk" and the ice dropped off and the baby was "born." I was only 58 minutes early! One gal had it right on the button.

Then we did the "guess what candy bar is in the diaper" game. Beka looks like this one smells like a real diaper doesn't she? There were 5 to guess and I got all the names but had two reversed. There were some more games and it was actually a lot of fun! Especially the "pictionary" style game. I had to draw "diaper rash" and did a very poor job, but our teem guessed it first anyway.

The refreshments were good too (and our dinner!). They had a chocolate fountain with wonderful fruit and pretzels (can't get enough of that salty & sweet) and all manner of good treats to eat. The shower was held on the campus of Bethany College (where Beka and hubby Jason went to school and now Jason is the College Administrator and Registrar) in their "Barn." It was decorated so cute in a Minnesota "cabin" style.

It was fun to be with all those young moms and expectant moms.....the next generation is in great hands. They are willing to put their children first, to do a great job and enjoy them too. I am so proud of my daughters and the wonderful Mothers they are.


Carol E. said...

That frozen baby doll is kinda creepy! Well, so is the chocolatey diaper... eww. But it sounds like fun anyway.

Tanya said...

Now I don't think I've EVER been to a baby shower! They don't have them in Japan for sure and I wasn't around when my own friends were having babies. I wonder what the next few years will bring for my almost adult children!