Saturday, May 23, 2009

Outdoor Fun

At Beka & Jason's townhouse they have a large green lawn area, some trees & shrubs that are nicely maintained by the association. It's a benefit not to be the one who has to mow, trim, fertilize all that outside greenery, but it also means that you have no place where you get to choose to plant flowers or vegetables.

Beka got the kids a little pool for up on the deck that doesn't have to be brought in each day and while Sadies threw toys into the pool Beka, Jakob and I filled some pots with flowers. Beka had a red, white & blue theme idea and her pots and deck-side
flower boxes are gorgeous.

Jakob is going to water the pots each day. Here he is with his initial watering. Yesterday all the pots were dutifully watered but early this morning we had some rain. Jakob was convinced that "God watered the pots today."

We're barbecuing later today on the deck. Still having a ball in Minn.

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