Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday was a busy day!

Today, Tuesday was a busy day in Minnesota. We started out with a trip to Golden Valley, a bit north of Minneapolis where Beka was doing a 'taste test' for a consumer testing company. She does it every once in awhile. Today wasn't actually a "taste" test, really a packaging test for granola bars. She had to pick boxes for several brands that she might buy or those she wouldn't buy and tell why. While she was doing that, Jakob and I were playing on the grass and Sadies slept in the car right next to us. Jakob and I poked at an ant hill, whacked a tree with long sticks, chased birds, blew a ton of "ripe" dandelion puffballs, sang songs and generally had a great time.

It was in the 90's today so shorts and flip flops were perfect!

Then we went to Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee. Sadies wanted to show all of you how she now walks! She started walking on Mother's Day and now it's like she's always walked.

This is a great shop so if you are in the area, be sure to stop by. They are located in a refurbished Train Depot in Shakopee and the trains still run right beside the store!

We bought some of the Hungry Caterpillar fabrics for Beka. See the cutie pie on the little chair?

After lunch we hit the nursery.....Beka's townhouse has an awesome deck and we got some cute plants for her pots and planters....red, white & blue flowers and one mini pepper plant. We'll plant them tomorrow.

Errands, errands and more errands. We made it back home in time to blow up the swimming pool for a quick dip by the little ones. While filling the pool, Jakob turned and hit me with the sprinkler right in the face! Tell you what....it felt wonderful. But I had a date with two dear friends from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area at Timber Lodge Steakhouse.

No, these two cuties aren't my quilting friends.....

Here we are: Sally, me and Carol. We belong to the Sunshine Quilting Guild
and make quilts for needy children of the world. I've had the privilege of knowing them for years and we trade visits here in Minn. and they have come to CA to Scottie Dog Quilts Mystery Quilting Retreats.

Thanks again, I had a wonderful time.

Home again, jiggedy jig. Thanks Jason for putting the kids to bed. Beka and I had fun.


Carol E. said...

A full day! Great pictures! The kids are adorable! But their mom is very pretty, too, so no wonder. Nice pic of us at the restaurant and you with your two new best friends. Fun all around! Wish I could have stayed longer. I had to run to my 2nd event of the night.

Liz Scott Adams said...

I miss my niece and nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could Sadies be any cuter vertically? And that is a really nice pic of you and the girls! We REALLY, REALLY miss you! Come home soon!

Carol E. said...

BL, I remembered my other recommendation! If you can't see Garrison Keillor's show, at least you can visit his bookstore! It's at the corner of Selby Ave and Western in St. Paul (called Common Good Books). It's down the stairs that are along the sidewalk. Fun bookstore. (you probably won't see him, there) But you might see him upstairs at Nina's Coffee Shop! He frequents that place.. and it's a great, local place to visit and see the kind of St. Paul-ish atmosphere that Garrison loves. It's not too far from the capitol! And tell Liz she doesn't get you back yet! We need you here for a while longer!