Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's Color Easter Eggs!

The brightly colored egg says it all: Happy Easter!

This morning I got my hair cut (Thank you, Yung Hee! I always feel so much better after you give me a haircut!) and picked up Sydney. We had a date to color Easter Eggs. Many thanks to our friend Cathy Ray Pierson who gave us 3 dozen small eggs from her flock of chickens.

First we rolled up her sleeves and put her apron on. I was sure that we'd have a bit of dye drips/splashes happening, but her apron is so chock full of bright Spring colors so I suppose it won't matter. Sydney thought she should color on each of the eggs first.

Right off the bat, Sydney came up with her own method for gently placing (PLOPPING is a more accurate term!) each egg in a cup of dye. Note the teeny tiny deep raspberry egg on the right! Sydney said that one is for me.After awhile, though, Sydney tried to make a few striped eggs using the wire egg holder. These holders are as wimpy as I remember from my childhood. Won't they ever make one that actually works well?

After all the eggs were dyed, Syd put on the stickers that came in the dye box. Each egg was a masterpiece. As you can see below we did well. Only thing that would have made it more fun would have been to have Jakob & Mercedes here.
Easter isn't all about eggs, bunnies, candy &'s about new life...Jesus is risen! He is risen, indeed.
May you and yours be blessed this Easter.

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Stephanie said...

Amen to that! Love your eggs and especially Sydney's special teeny one! Love you all! Happy Easter!