Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eight Years

Today is September 22 and that means that Scottie Dog Quilts has entered it's 9th year of business.

Eight years....on September 17, 2001 we opened our doors. That's just a week after 9/11. You know, THE 9/11.
I had never worked in retail, didn't know much about owning a store, but I knew the quilting world pretty well having been a full-time quilting instructor for about 10 years. I had taught quilting to children in schools. I had taught in other people's shops and at guilds and had held 3 pretty successful quilting retreats. With the encouragement of my family (especially Mr. Scottie Dog) and not nearly enough capital we opened our doors and were welcomed by the Quilters of Humboldt County.

The first year or so was pretty tough. I was the main one working in the store and when I got home I still had paperwork and computer work to do. More than once I told Mr. Dog that I felt as if I was trying to run through jello. My family helped out as much as possible and then Liz came on board full-time. Ah, ha! A college trained gal with a head for business! Together we make a good team. She helped get us on track and more professional, I knew the quilting world. I taught her how to order fabric, she taught me how to write an Employee Handbook. Together, with daughter Sarah helping out at retreats and Beka working on the website and Mr. Scottie Dog doing the financial paperwork we have grown from a small shop to a world-wide presence in the Quilting World. We have a wonderful staff that helps us out. Without them we couldn't do it at all! Many, many thanks to Judy, Margie, Geri, Katie,Lori, Laura and Stephanie! Life has it's ups and downs and the Scottie Dog Family has lost a couple members and gained some new ones as the grandbabies continue to come

All of you have become our family too! With your support and friendship you have supported us in good times and in painful ones. Liz and I agree that the best part of this business are the wonderful people who have become our customers...no, friends & family!
We've met many of the famous people in the quilting world....but none of them compares to you!
Thanks again for eight wonderful years.


Bev said...

You and Liz make a great team. I'm sure some days you wonder why you are doing this instead of staying at home, sewing contentedly, and shopping in someone else's quilt shop, but I'm thankful you are in business and honored to call you both my friends. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Larissa said...

8 years ago, I never would've thought that a quilt store would become someplace I loved to go so much...but it has! You and Liz have created such an inspiring, warm, fun place to be, where we all feel more creative and so welcome! I am amazed at what you've built! Happy Anniversary, SDQ!!

jen duncan said...

Happy Anniversary girls! So glad we have you. I MUST find the time to come in and spend my coupons this week!!

Christine said...

Heartiest congratulations on a most successful 8 years!!! Here's to a zillion more years. Yay! for all of us.

Carol E. said...

You rock! Congrats on your great success.

Tanya said...

How wonderful to hear about how you got started! Thank you for your friendship!