Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's go to the Beach for Dinner!

We live on the Northern California Coast, on Humboldt Bay. Cross the Samoa Bridge (State Route 255) to the Samoa Peninsula and you can drive right out onto the sand. When our girls were growing up we tried to eat on the beach at least once or twice a month. Because of Mr. Scottie Dog's business we've always had 4WD pickup trucks so driving on the beach was easy.

We don't go as often now, but I overheard Liz telling someone how much fun it was and thought we should have a "Beach Night." We loaded up the truck after work one day with Liz & family and the Caldwell family. As you can see......we had lots of company. That is if you counted the birds. Not another person in sight. That thin line of land from the center to the left of the photo is the North Jetty off in the distance: the mouth of the bay.

In Eureka you don't go into the ocean when you go to the beach. The water is COLD! We have a lot of surfers here, but they need to wear wet suits because 15 minutes in our cold water and you are dead. That fast! I'm told it's because of an Arctic Current which flows right to our coast. So at the beach you play in the sand, explore and look for shells, interesting pieces of driftwood, watch the seals, otters, crabs or whales.
First off we unloaded the three girls and their toys. Then comes the quilts, the folding chairs and the food. We set up on a huge redwood log/driftwood.

I think we had watermelon, humus & tabbouleh with various chips & veggies, hot dogs & hamburgers and blueberry oatmeal cookies. After dark Liz roasted marshmallows for us all.
Lewis brought his Frisbee Golf gear and as the sun set he and Mr. Dog played a rousing game.
The access gate closes at 9:30 pm so we had to go. Tired, sandy, but satisfied.


Christine Thomas said...

Oh wonderful...we used to have dinner at the beach occasionally when the kids were little. Tom would call before leaving work saying to get things together. We'd head up to Luffenholtz.
Thanks for the memory remember-er.

jen duncan said...

We don't go out there nearly often enough. And in 15 years of living here I didn't even know one COULD drive out there! Looks like fun :-)

Beka and Jason Haché said...

Ahh, I miss the dinners at the beach. We'll have to plan one for Nov when I come to visit with the kids! So much fun!

Bev said...

When we lived in Eureka, we so took the close-by beach for granted that we almost NEVER went! So glad you did this..makes family memories.

Tanya said...

When I was going to school in Oregon (Lewis and Clark) someone once suggested we drive out to the ocean. "Yeah, I'm game. Let me get out my swim suit." What a lot of hoots and laughter at the dumb Southern California girl who thinks she can swim off the Oregon coast (in October). Me? Why else would anyone go to the beach?