Monday, September 28, 2009


Family---you gotta love family!

My Uncle Walt turned 90 last week. Here's a picture of him taken at his party on Sunday. No, really...this IS Uncle Walt. Does he ride Harley's? I doubt it. Does he usually dress like this? No, I don't think so. He always says to me, "How's my niece doing?" I think it's because he can't remember my name! He loves me, but sometimes he has other things on his mind. Uncle Walt was a teacher and counselor at Redlands High School (from which I graduated in 1970) , a teacher at San Bernardino Valley College (graduation: 1972) and ran the Walt Anderson Swim School teaching hundreds of Southern Californian kids to swim. he also coached swimmers and some of them made it to the Olympics. Congratulations Uncle Walt, Happy 90th Birthday!

Friday evening my Dad and his lovely wife, Willa Mae, arrived for a quickie visit. They had spent a week in Central Oregon on holiday. they took a long lunchtime visit with my brother in Eugene and then made a very quick trip to Eureka. Dinner and an early evening full of catching up.
Saturday we packed a ton of fun into the day. We went to Costco and filled up our carts with giant packs of stuff...TP, paper towels, flats of water & soda, huge bag of vegetable chips, steaks, peppers, lettuce....they have it all at Costco and in mega-quantities only. I caught this picture of Sydney and Great Grandma Willie in the parking lot. I thought it was sweet.
We hit the recycling center and then off to Sequoia Park. This is a city park just down the street from our house. The neatest thing about this park is that it is a little forest in the center of town. The road through the park winds around and down into a ravine with a duck pond at the bottom.
When my girls were smaller we often took a bunch of old bread to feed the ducks in the pond. What great memories......and now we occasionally take Sydney to feed those ducks. On Saturday, Liz, Sydney and I took Dad and Willie. We had a bag of bread and found some buns left by earlier feeders. Currently there are about 9 male mallards and 1 female and one goose. The goose didn't come over from the little island in the center of the pond but the mallards were eager eaters. Willie kept throwing to the female....she felt that the "boys" were eating more than their share.
We had a wonderful barbecue for dinner: fillets, grilled mushrooms & red peppers and green salad. I wish I had taken a picture of the awesome Strawberry Shortcake Liz made for dessert. Yum!
After dinner we played wouldn't be a visit without a game of Shanghai Rummy.

Great-grandpa had a chance to chat with Jakob & Sadies when we Skyped to Minnesota. They were excited as they hadn't seen him since February.
But the visit was over and on Sunday morning Dad and Willie drove off....hope to see you you both!

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Anna Lena Land said...

I love the photo of your Uncle Willie. I think he would have hit it off with my Great Aunt Mabyl--the pilot! And I want to come visit your park!