Monday, September 14, 2009

Pretty in Pink

What could be better than a Pink Princess Party? My friend Jen Duncan invited Sydney and I to her granddaughter, Kadence's birthday party on Saturday. When we arrived the table was set. Can you imagine any more perfect setting for 11 little girls, er, princesses?

As they sat down they were each given a princess art project to do with their colored markers.

After everyone had arrived, Princess Shoshona arrived! Oh, my...she had a Princess Wand for everyone and got right to work painting faces.

Everyone waited patiently for their turn....finally it was Sydney's (Snow White) turn. She asked for a unicorn on her face....when Princess was done she sprinkled Fairy Dust on each girl.

Faces properly painted all the princesses moved outdoors for some "Princessly" moves. Oh, my, they moved so gracefully!
While the dancing was taking place, Grandma Jen was setting up the cupcake tree. Umm, yum! The frosting on these cupcakes was made from melted white chocolate & powdered sugar. Killer!
Each little princess then found her place again at the table, they sang THE song of the day, ate their cupcakes and chattered away.

After cupcakes there was a Disney Princess Castle pinata and opening of gifts. Kadence remembered her "thank yous" as any proper princess would. Finally each pretty princess posed with Princess Shoshona and Grandma Jen printed out the photos and every little girl took home their photo in a Pink frame shaped like a Princess Crown.
Saying "Thank you, Good bye" and with a generous goodie basket on her arm, princess wand in hand, Sydney and I made our way to the car at the end of the party. She had her photo frame in her hand and leaned towards me and said, "Grandma, did you know she was a REAL princess!"

What a wonderful day for a little princess! Happy Birthday Kadence and thanks, Grandma Jen!


jen duncan said...

Great photos Brenda. :-) It really was a great time and I'm so glad we did it. So glad Sydney got to come and create a memory, too.

Tanya said...

My goodness, such a lot of creativity! Those princesses will remember this day their whole lives!

brigitte said...

Sydney only attends the most fashionable parties as any REAL princess would!!!