Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Egg Hunt

After Church on Easter, Mr. Scottie Dog and I put chocolate into plastic eggs. 120 of them. We also had 19 eggs that Sydney had dyed. The weatherman cooperated and we hid the eggs in the yard. We had 4 cute peeps coming to THE HUNT. The older kids got a stern lecture about leaving the obvious eggs for Hudson who is only one.

Sydney and Kaia (with new lamb in's hard to carry your lamb and pick up eggs at the same time. She wouldn't let me put it somewhere safe during the hunt.) check out the front garden.
Emma around the house.
Hudson was certainly dressed for the occasion!

The daffodils didn't keep Huddy from his quest of eggs!
Here's our dessert table. Ramone's raspberry poppy seed cake, Ramone's chocolate cheesecake, my coconut cake & chocolate nests and Liz's Peepcicles. We certainly didn't go without dessert!

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