Saturday, April 7, 2012

What's cooking?

I love to cook. That said, I don't actually cook much of anything anymore. When the girls were young I cooked and canned and even made my yogurt from scratch. I backed bread & bagels & rolls. I had a great sour dough starter and we ate sourdough pancakes, waffles & biscuits. Nowadays, though it's just me and Mr. Scottie Dog and we tend to eat entirely differently. I like it spicy, he does not. We like different vegetables. So usually we grill a piece of chicken or fish and we each cook our own veggies, he has a baked potato and I have quinola or a salad.

When holidays come around it's fun to take the time to make something special. Sydney is now 7 and she spent the night with us. In the morning, Gamma slept in and Gampa (alias Mr. Scottie Dog) fixed his famous blueberry pancakes. When they were finished Gamma was just waking up. "When are we going to color eggs, Gamma?" I bet she asked that question 50 times. First I had to get up and dressed. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and we walked to our friend Judy's new house just around the corner. I am so blessed to have her only a block away. She and her dog Charlie walked us home. " When are we going to eggs, Gamma?" Sydney asked again and again. ......But first we had to make the chocolate nests to ring the cake. Recipe here. As you can see, Sydney is beaming. She and Mr. Scottie Dog ate the extra jelly beans.

Finally, finally it was time to dye the eggs. We had six color mugs. Our eggs are and assortment of white, brown and green eggs. I get eggs from friends who keep chickens so we take the color we get. Always fresh, always tasty. You dip the eggs just so.

It's OK if they come out with a strange pink streak! We like variety.

Aren't they beautiful! Soft and fun colors.

This year Sydney tried to make several two colored. She did well.

Now I've got to make my coconut cake. Just like last year.

Easter isn't all about eggs and bunnies and peeps and chocolate. Easter is about Jesus and how He rose from the dead. Dying for my sins and yours. Rising and conquering death so that we can live forever in Heaven with Him. We only have to ask. Easter Blessings to you and yours.

Hallelujah! He is Risen!

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Snoodles said...

Thank you for your thoughts at the end of the post - the eggs and your granddaughter are both lovely, but I especially like that you noted the reason for our Easter celebration! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!