Thursday, April 5, 2012

National Quilting Day

I know, I know, National Quilting Day was a few weeks back. I'm just slow in posting my photos. Every day I plan to blog and every day I don't. So here I am!

For National Quilting Day our local quilt guild sponsored a 3 day sewing extravaganza! I think there were 60 of us who set up our stations with our sewing machines, projects we wanted to work on, and such. I brought my sewing rolly chair, some diet coke and some home-made hummus and veggies to share. Dinner was provide the first night and somehow food magically appeared the rest of the weekend. I missed out on breakfast at home on Sat. March 17 only to arrive at the hall to find home-made bagels and cream cheese! It was fun to see what everyone brought to work on.Here's my station. I'm working on a border of 3/4" squares for a quilt designed by Edyta Sitar.

One of the fun things we did was to have "Jelly Roll Races" to make quilts for our Community Quilts Project. You need forty 2 1/2" strips sewed end to end. Then at the count of three everyone sews as fast as you can to create this stripy quilt. Ann was our winner at about 34 minutes.
Doesn't she look happy? I never realized she was so competitive!

Some people brought UFO's to finish up. Kathleen won these blocks in the guild lotto over 15 years ago! I was the Block of the Month chairman and remember drawing out the templates for this one back then.

Robot Quilt! So much fun!

These gals were showing off the quilts they had made a week earlier in Pat Sloan's wonderful class. Love them all.

I love the younger new members and their enthusiasm. "Corde" and "Roy" showed up in different shirts (and different personas) each day. I love the shirt: "Quilters do it in the Ditch!"

And as they say, A good time was had by all!

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bevh said...

Brenda, at one of my recent retreats, someone showed that Jelly Roll quilt, but instead of joining strips diagonally, they added a square of a coordinating fabric, straight stitch. The finished quilt had these random squares, like dots, throughout the quilt. Interesting effect. I have made a couple of these quilts and they are fun to do. When you are done, you're done! No borders needed.