Friday, October 17, 2008

Apple Harvest

This time of year is Harvest Time. Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the pumpkins, apples and such. While in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago we took half a day and drove about 20 minutes to Jordan, MN to a place called "Minnesota Harvest." The pictures don't show it, but so did about a thousand other people! The weather was lovely and warm. We slowly, very slowly wound up the lane (Apple Harvest Lane) through the apple trees...moving up one car space as one car came down the hill. We wondered if we'd ever find a parking place, but Jason pulled it off and found a vacant place just 3 spaces from the entrance!
First we went to the apple tasting room to see which apples we wanted to pick. Honey Gold was the family choice. So we stood in line (6 deep!) for the wagons pulled by old John Deere tractors for about a half hour and went off to the orchards. Jakob loved the tractors, running through the orchards and climbing the ladders. Mercedes was just happy to be along. She is such a happy sprite. At 8 months she cut her first tooth while we were there and went from tentative first crawling to pulling herself up and walking around the furniture. She looks just like her MaMa did at this age.
Last year Beka, Jason & Jakob had their picture taken at the "Family Apple Tree" so we did it again. We asked a couple from Japan to take our picture...they didn't seem to speak any English so it was a bit of a comedy.
I liked this picture of Grandma, Grandpa & Mercedes. As you can see, the day was just wonderful. We came home with an apple pie for dessert! Yum. They had pony rides, a petting zoo, horseback riding, a corn maze, an area that probably held about a thousand pumpkins, but it was nearly empty....a worker said it would be full by the next morning.

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