Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quilt Market, Here We Come!

Today was Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Early Thursday Mr. Scottie Dog, Liz & I will head to the airport and begin our journey to Houston, TX and Quilt Market. We'll see thousands of quilts, bags, runners and more. We'll see new patterns, books & fabric. Lots of booths will be touting the "next best-selling, you can't live without it" notion. There will be lots of products claiming to be "green" (some with merit and some not). We'll rub shoulders with Jo Morton, Terry Atkinson, Eleanor Burns, Amy Butler, Sandi Gervais, Karen Snyder, Marie Osmond and more. Marie Osmond???? Yes, a few years ago Marie began to design fabric (read, put her name on it) and now she is the spokesperson for a brand of sewing machines. One of the best things is that all these "quilt-famous" people are just people like you and me. They are, by and large, nice people (aren't ALL quilters nice?) who are amazed that we actually like their work.
I don't know if I'll have a chance to blog while I am there....I'll certainly try. I'm excited about seeing what's new and you can be sure I'll be thinking of each of you and what I can bring to YOUR quilting world.


jen duncan said...

Be safe, have big fun, and take lots of pictures for us!!!

Carol E. said...

If you see Sandi Irish, tell her hello from me! ha.. (I told her the same thing.)

Tanya said...

Have a good time. I wish I was going!