Thursday, October 2, 2008

Check Out Our New Website!

For the past several months our daughters, Liz and Beka have been working behind the scenes on our new Scottie Dog Quilts website. Our old site was outdated and difficult for us to add to. We had had such great plans for it.....well, after many, many hours of blood, sweat and tears it is now up and running. You can view it at: It will continue to grow as more things are added to it. I can't wait until all our classes have color pictures to go with patient, that is only around the corner.
You'll be able to read my blog from there too. We've already had some very positive comments about it....some of my employees even found things on the website they didn't know we had in the store! Soon your family and friends can even buy you Scottie Dog Quilts Gift Certificates on-line too! So be sure to tell them when they ask what you might like for Christmas or your Birthday!!

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