Friday, October 17, 2008

Minnesota Bathroom

One of the reasons we went to Minnesota was to put in a new bathroom in the basement of Beka & Jason's new home. So Mr. Scottie Dog took time off working in OUR new bathroom to work from dawn till past midnight on the Minn. remodel. While still in Eureka, he drew out the plans. Beka and Jason helped out some, learning a bit about sheetrock, electric wiring, painting and the like along the way. First comes the demolition. It's a dirty job and a hard one needing a jackhammer to get through the concrete slab floor. I think the job took longer and cost more than we all had hoped, but it turned out beautiful. A new hallway and corner closet were also constructed. Bill put in a shower/tub unit (that came into the house with scant 1/2" to spare!" They had to put up the walls, put in the plumbing, the wiring, sheetrock, tape & mud & sand the sheetrock before the painting could be done. Then the flooring was laid down. The floor is a vinyl sheet that looks like slate. When you walk on it, it feels like slate since it has concrete under it. The new toilet and pedestal sink were installed. During the process various inspectors had to come check out the work. One took issue with the electrical wiring in the basement room (the bathroom was, of course, perfect!) and so another trip to Home Depot (was the trip #6 or 7?) to get new lights for the ceiling of the basement. I don't have a finished picture of the bathroom yet...when we left it had a mirrored cabinet and light over the sink and Jason has a shelving unit to put up over the toilet. But it was wonderful. Thanks are not enough to Mr. Scottie Dog (who worked like a dog!) on his vacation time. The bathroom, closet & hallway all added many, many thousands of $$$ to the value of their house, not to mention the convenience for their guests not having to run up the stairs to a bathroom!

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Christine said...

Dads who do so much for their adult kids ROCK!! There are several in our family and what a blessing they are. Good job, Mr. Scottie Dog.