Saturday, October 11, 2008

End of the Visit

Sorry, no pictures today. I'll post those after I get home. Today is our last morning in Minnesota. The kids and grandbabies are out doing their regular Sat. morning job. They'll be back in about an hour and we'll load up the car, stop by a friends' and then to the airport. I've packed, washed our sheets (try to be a good guest!), made sure our breakfast dishes are in the dishwasher. Bill is doing last minute puttering.
While we've been here I've had a chance to hug and kiss on the grandbabies, sew with Beka, gone shopping (yesterday we went to Abdullah's Candy factory to get "imperfect" candies. They make giant peanut butter cups (the size of muffins!) and got some for my CA Son-in-law---ok, Mr. Scottie Dog and my Minn. son-in-law too! We got a 1 lbs. box of assorted imperfects too. We shared that last night and will leave the rest here. Beka and I got a chance to visit "Before You Quilt" her local Savage Quilt Shop. They had moved a few doors down into a larger space. They are now about the same size as Scottie Dog Quilt Shop and have about 1/2 the fabric we have. Nice ladies, nice samples. We'll go again next time I'm in town.
I've also had some time babysitting, doing a craft project with Jakob, reading to him, laughing and taking walks to the mailbox. Jakob has more energy than most 2 1/2 year old boys. If I lay down on the couch he loves to jump on me and say, "BIG hug" and squeeze me really tight. Then he yells, "little hug" and barely a squeeze. Then, "BIG hug" and so on. He knows all his letters. Right smart boy--must take after Grandpa. Mercedes, on the other hand is mostly always smiling, laughing. She loves it when I sing. She was barely crawling when we got here and now she wants to walk! On Thursday she was crawling on the ground and suddenly let out a scream! I went to her and she had a tiny red dot on her lower lip and had a dead wasp in her fist. I guess she'd picked it up and tried to eat it. Beka took her to the doctor as her lip began to swell. Looked like a collagen job gone bad...only bottom lip. They dosed her with Benedryl, she didn't have any other reaction but Beka got an Eppi kit anyway.
Grandpa's legacy from this trip is pretty substantial. A new bathroom, painted and done. New lighting system in the basement, a new hallway with doors & lighting installed and in the laundry room shelves and a hanging rod for hangers!
So in a little bit we'll be flying back to Eureka. It will take nearly 12 hours with a long layover in Chicago. Grandma always cries when it is time to go. But hoping we'll be back soon.
Pictures to follow!

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Lindah said...

Oh, hey, could Grandpa come and visit us? :-) Aren't Grandpa's wonderful. He sounds like my husband when we visit our kids and grands. I'm glad you had such a great visit with your family. MN is such a long way from CA.