Saturday, October 4, 2008


Pears....ripe Bartlett Pears....sweet, juicy, drippy down your chin....nearly perfect fruit. OK...I shamelessly stole this picture from Ami Sims' blog ( She rambles on about bean soup, pears and Rome when she was a child.
What I want to say about pears is that a few weeks ago, Laura Meglemre brought in a couple of bags of pears from her backyard garden....uummmm good! They were a bit beat-up, but so perfectly ripe. Great. I think Liz made some pear sauce, like apple sauce.
The day before yesterday Beka and I took the kids to Target. SUPER Target. In Eureka we just have Target, Little Target, I guess. Super Target, for those who don't know, has a full grocery store attached. A great Deli and a bakery which gives all good little children (or at least that's what Beka told Jakob!) a cookie. He didn't even share his warm peanut butter cookie with grandma! Target had Pears.....beautiful Bartlett Pears. We got a bunch of them. I ate one for lunch yesterday and one for breakfast today. I think they need to be a bit bunged up to really be fabulous. The aroma, ah the aroma. Sniff deeply of the perfume, it's part of the experience. Someone talked about making a pear tart or a pear pie. I think pears are perfect just as they are.....kind of like YOU.

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Carol E. said...

I'm glad you've been having such a great time in beautiful Minnesota!