Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aprons & Cinnamon Rolls

At work we now wear aprons. Most of us use Mary Mulari's Church Ladies Apron pattern. Liz has this pink & orange hot number and Sydney wanted one "just like Mama's." So finally yesterday Liz whipped up this cutie pie. One side is the pink & orange stripe and the other is pink with red and orange blossoms. Sydney was proud to show that her hands fit into the pockets, "just right!"

Today we hosted one of my favorite events. We do it every year. A group of us made some quilts for our local Dialysis Patients. We do this in memory of Michele. She thought everyone should have a quilt to warm them during dialysis treatments just like the one her loving mom made for her. So a bunch of us honor Michele (and her mom, Carolyn) by making these quilts on a regular basis.

I brought a crock pot of taco soup, others brought the bread, cookies and Liz made cinnamon rolls....that's twice in one week (she also made them for the Scottie Dog Quilt Club meeting on Tues. night). I can tell you, she's got the touch. My Grandma, Nellie Belle would be proud! Mr. Scottie Dog has been happy to take any left-overs!


Carol E. said...

A while back I made an online order for a couple of patterns. I think one was an apron?? Did you get the order?

Carol E. said...

P.S. I absolutely LOVE the quilt you created. Could the BOM be done long distance?

Tanya said...

The quilt is lovely and I'm sure all of the people that are on dialysis appreciate your gifts of comfort and love during their long lonely times. Blessings.