Sunday, January 4, 2009

Birthdays & Seafood

Birthdays and Seafood.....what a combination! Since I was a small girl shellfish (and seafood in general) have been on the top of my favorites list. I remember when I was about 8 my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary with a family dinner at home. The dining room was all prettied-up, good dishes & glassware. My parents said they wanted to include us in their celebration because we were such an important part of their marriage. (Who knows--perhaps they just couldn't find a babysitter!) We had lobster for dinner. UMMMM From that day forward, Lobster has remained my favorite food of all. Prawns, scallops a close second. On New Year's Day we celebrated both Christmas and my birthday with Liz, Steve & Sydney. Mr. Scottie Dog grilled prawns & scallops indoors (I don't know what we'd do without the JenAire Grill) and he'd cooked up big crabs. Yum, yum, yum!
Ok...that was my first birthday dinner! Yesterday was my 57th birthday. Definitely still middle age. But creeping towards old, I think. It doesn't bother me this year. I woke up to a call from my Dad & Willa Mae. Dad sang to me as he has for all those years. I look forward to it. It was great to talk to both my brothers and I even got messages from the nieces and nephews on Face Book....a year ago I didn't even know about Face Book and now I hear from all my friends and relatives all the time.
Mr. Scottie Dog asked me if I wanted to go out for my birthday. I told him I'd rather stay in if he'd cook me lobster. I think he does it better than anyone else. I picked up Sydney and we went to the Zoo (I forgot the camera so I don't have any pictures).
The lobster was great and there was enough crab left for crab cocktails. Birthdays and seafood...for me they just seem to go together.


Lindah said...

Happy Birthday! --You definitely are still young!

jen duncan said...

Happy Belated Birthday Brenda! It sounds like it was absolutely perfect. :-)