Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthday Pot: Another View

Here's another picture of my Birthday Pot. There are now 4 green spikes. One is definitely taller than the rest. Any more in there? I'll keep you posted. Any guesses as to what is growing in my pot?

Today Liz and I had a sew day at the store. We are having computer woes (a problem that won't allow us to work on it, but never displays the problem when the techie looks at it! Oh, you sly 'puter) so in any spare minute we had today we worked on our Humboldt County quilt. We've got half of it finished and are well on our way with the top half. It's looking good! We were joined by two of our staff: Laura & Katie. We laughed, told stories, drank diet coke but as soon as they showed up I spent more time ripping than sewing. I'd love to blame them, but I just stopped paying the attention I should have to my project.


jen duncan said...

I'm the same way! Can't talk and chew gum at the same time they'd say. ;-)

Bev said...

My guess: narcissus in the pot.

Anonymous said...

The computer problem was not good, but I enjoyed sewing with Liz, Brenda and Katie. I think I saw Sidney also!