Saturday, January 31, 2009

They're growing!

Here's picture #3 of my Birthday Pot. Sydney spent last night and all day with us today. She was quite amazed at how big the plants are getting. When we watered them this morning, lo and behold! A 7th tiny green point emerged from the pot. It's a tiny greenish white dot in the front right. These may be tulips, maybe hyacinths. I'm not sure. But they've been growing since January 1.

I love spring bulbs. They are so full of promise, so intensely colorful. I noticed that all over the front yard planter, hundreds of tiny green spears are pushing through the soil. These are daffodils planted by Sarah, my oldest child. Sarah planted them in early November 2004, just a few weeks before she passed away suddenly. Daffodils are her birth flower (March) and my absolute favorite. She knew that and planted them for me as an early birthday gift (Jan. 3). They are such a sweet reminder each spring of her thoughtfulness. They make me smile, less bittersweet each year, as time goes by.


Christine Thomas said...

Sweet, tender thoughts, Brenda.

liz said...

I too, love looking at those hundreds of daffodils each year. They always remind me of her.