Sunday, February 22, 2009

Disneyland (Finally!)

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of going to Disneyland with daughters Beka & Liz, Beka's hubby, Jason & of course the 3 Grandbabies....Sydney, Jakob & Sadies. It was so much fun. Now, lots of people would say it was a disappointing trip because it rained for part of the day. Actually it poured occasionally! But by 1 pm the rain was gone. we bought rain ponchos. They were great. Kept us (relatively) dry and we ducked under cover when it the heavens opened up and it really poured. Sydney was pretty blaze until she caught sight of the Castle at the end of Main Street...."The Castle, the castle!" She cried. She jumped up and down, screamed and could hardly contain herself as we made our way as fast as we could down Main Street. Of course she was wearing her Cinderella Princess dress over her pants & shirt (as did about every 4th little girl in the park!). Even with a rain poncho over, she looked regal.

You can see by the smiles that riding the Carousel was a big hit with everyone. Beka and Sadies shared a horse, but Jason and Jakob had their own trusty stead. I think the Carousel has been my favorite ride since I was a little girl...let's see, I first went to Disneyland in 1957....ooooh, I don't think I want to figure out how long ago THAT was!
By mid-morning we'd met up with friends from Eureka! Emma & Kaia had brought their parents and Kayla & Hannah brought their folks too. Since Kayla & Hannah are now residing in So. CA they came for the 9th time to Disneyland since Thanksgiving. The Harvey's took this shot of all of us as we entered the newly re-opened, refurbished "It's a Small World."
As I said before, the rains went away by 1:30 or so and we enjoyed the near-empty park. We were able to walk onto any ride or restaurant with ease. We met the Disney Royalty...Mickey & Minnie, of course, Jakob got to pose with Lightening McQueen, the star of his favorite Disney video, "Cars." I have lots more pictures, but these say it all....the smiles of the little ones are so precious. I'm sorry Steve,Grandpa & Great-Grandpa couldn't come, maybe next time.


Carol E. said...

Lots like a great time for everyone! When my kids were little they were afraid of big dressed up characters like Mickey and Minnie. I never would have gotten such cute pictures of them getting hugs.

Lynda said...

Hi Brenda Lou,
I wish I had read your post before going to CA this weekend. We were going to take our GrandTwins to Disneyland on Sunday and then chickend out because of the weather report. We were in Monrovia and it poured for awhile in the morning and then basically cleared up--I don't know what it did in Anaheim, but a little rain, especially with Disneyland ponchos doesn't hurt anybody. And, Disneyland without lines would have been well worth the rain! Darn!
Lynda Milligan--Possibilities