Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Saturday was Valentines Day. I woke up late and there on the kitchen counter was a card and a big vase of large,lovely-smelling, red carnations. I read once that you should never give a girl carnations. They are supposed to be a cheap token, one not appreciated. I'm sure glad Mr. Scottie Dog doesn't read what "they" say because I LOVE carnations. I love the spicy scent (I basically wear two scents: Plumaria or fact when Sydney was only about 18 months old she came into a room and she "smelled" Grandma!), I like that they last a long, long time. I like roses too...I have some bushes and cut the flowers in season for the house or the store. My absolute favorite flower is daffodil. When I was little I told my Grandma Nellie Belle that God made Daffodils just for me.

The card brought tears to my eyes...Mr. Scottie Dog always picks the best cards. I don't know how he does it. We went to dinner with Liz & Steve & Sydney. Couldn't have been a more perfect day.

I stopped at the store mid-day to take Sydney her Valentine from Grandma and Grandpa and found a sweet Victorian Valentine cone waiting for me from my friend Katie Hartsell. It was made from Moda's Candy Kisses fabrics with a sweet button and fancy trim. (Oh and it was filled with chocolate and I ate every one! By myself!) Thank you for remembering me, Katie!

I have gotten several emails, calls and messages on FaceBook about my birthday pot. Yes, it's still growing with 9 spears so far. I think it might be tulips, but I probably won't be able to tell for sure for a few more days now. It has been a fun birthday gift. Thanks Liz.

In the background of the picture is scaffolding as Mr. Scottie Dog has been working on our master bedroom suite.....the walk-in closet needed some ceiling work that turned into ceiling joist work that turned into roof 1" plywood roof, paper, tar & shingles. Just a tiny bit more to finish but the rainy weather has kept the scaffolding up. You can also see the hot tub on the patio and beyond the pond. There is a palm tree in a pot, but don't think I live in sunny, Southern CA.....Eureka is almost as north as you can go in California and it's probably too cold for palm trees in reality. Tomorrow I promise to tell the Disneyland Story.

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