Sunday, February 22, 2009

Four Generations!

The most wonderful part of our trip to Redlands was to get the family together and see my Dad and Willie. My father is one of those people everyone likes...and with good reason. He has the most wonderful sense of humor, his heart is as a big as a house, he's fun to be with, he's always up on all the news and he genuinely cares about everyone.
Four Generations

L-R Front Row: Mercedes H, Sydney A, Jakob H.
Back Row: Beka Hache, Liz Adams, BrendaLou Scott, Bob McNally

I'm the oldest with two brothers close behind. Family is what it's all about! Hope we can all be together again soon.

The rain cleared away all the smog in So. CA while we were there as well as covering the mountains with snow. Beka caught these great pictures.

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