Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Q" is for Quilt

This week was "Q" week at Sunnybrook Farms Preschool where my granddaughter, Sydney is a willing pupil. She has great fun there and learns all manner of things Preschoolers need to know. Becky Sanders and her husband Raymond run the Preschool and do a fabulous job. Back in September Liz suggested that for "Q" week they could bring the students to the "Q"uilt Shop.

To get ready we made each child a fabric bag and put
inside a glue stick, some fabric squares, a tape measure and a fun sticker.

A couple of parents came and we were happy when they jumped right in and helped with our Paper Quilts.

Aidan was a quick learner and worked hard on his quilt

Sydney loved having her friends come to HER quilt store.

Look at all these smiling faces! The childrend learned about how quilts are made and went through the store finding fabric of different colors and patterns.

We had so much fun. I can't tell you what a letdown it was after they left

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TnT said...

i love this idea!!!!!