Monday, February 16, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I downloaded a bunch of pictures from Liz's camera for our Disneyland trip, resized them all and cropped them and put them in a folder called, "Disneyland." (Duh!) Today when I went to retrieve the pictures it seems that there IS NO folder called "Disneyland" on the computer......hmmm? So I remembered I named one of the pics: "Castle Gate." No such picture on the computer. So I'll have to get the pictures again tomorrow. Sorry. Here are a few more shots from the trip.
Sydney and Jakob waiting for friends to come. Don't you just love the quilt on the loveseat? This was a hand pieced top Liz got as an extra when she bought some antique blocks on EBay. It had a horrible pink 1950's border on it and she ripped it off and put on a great 1930's reproduction border. Then she quilted it in a Baptist Fan pattern. It is a wonderful quilt. I wish it were mine.

Sydney and Jakob (Cinderella & Surfer Dude) waiting to leave for Disneyland.

Sadies in her Minnie Mouse dress--a 1st birthday gift from the Harveys. Our little pixie weighs in at just under 20 lbs....she's a tiny thing. Hard to believe she's a year old already!
I'm again promising Disneyland Pics for tomorrow....if I cry wolf one more time, you'll never trust me again!

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TnT said...

I WANT that quilt on the back of that couch. Did you make it? Where can I get the pattern??? i'm in love.