Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Friends

I admit it, I have wonderful friends. My friends are dear to me and I could not even begin to count them all. Some came into my life early and some friends I met while raising my children. Others are new to my life. Some share common interests, a common Faith, perhaps we share a common interest. My first two friends were the Meyer sisters, Lynda & Maralee. Our families moved to a quiet, "Father Knows Best" kind of neighborhood in Los Angeles when Lynda was about 3 1/2, I was 3 and Maralee was about 2. Our parents were life-long friends.....Here is a photo of Maralee and I on our recent Mexican Cruise.

Right after the cruise I had a chance to have dinner with some other friends...We'd been friends since kindergarten! We attended Cimmarron Avenue Elementary School in Inglewood, CA. We were also in Camp Fire Girl's beginning as Blue Birds all the way up through Jr. High Camp Fire Girls. So the night after the cruise Liz joined us at the Tangerine Grill in Anaheim, CA.

Here we are: Liz and I in front; Terri, Gail and Vicki in the back. We hugged and chattered and laughed and shared for hours. Missing were Toni, Olga & Lorna and I am hoping we can all get together in 2012. It would be so much fun! Just because I hadn't seen them in 46 years didn't mean we couldn't just pick right up. We shared about our children, our parents and brothers & sisters. We chattered about jobs and world events and so much more. I am sure if we lived close by each other we'd still be besties.

There was a time I said I wouldn't be my children's' friend. I would be their MOM. They didn't need a friend, but they needed a mom. Interesting because since Liz & Beka are now in their 30's we are friends. Oh, I'm still their Mom...but now we can share as friends do too.

I have young friends, old friends, men friends & girl friends. I have school friends, swimming friends, quilting friends, FaceBook friends, church friends and more. They are all dear to me. I hope you have friends in your life too.

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