Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I've been up to lately

I getting ready for a road trip with Mr. Scottie Dog. We are driving to Minnesota to visit the grandbabies. We plan to hook up the 30' trailer (our house on wheels) and drive. We don't know when we'll get there as we are going to take each day as it comes. I've got a list of places we might want to visit between the Pacific Ocean and the Mississippi but I think we'll just wake up each morning and Google the possibilities.

Meanwhile I've made curtains for the trailer and at the store I've been making a ton of quilt samples for the upcoming REQG Quilt Show. As fast as I make a top, Liz quilts it and then I get to bind it. I like, I mean REALLY LIKE to bind quilts. I sit in my chair and watch TV or listen to music and hand stitch the binding on. I like the feeling of accomplishment it is when that last stitch goes in and VOILA! The quilt is finished. Here's a pic of our Dr. Suess fabric sample quilt.
I've also been working to get a quilt finished to take to MN with us. Can you guess who this quilt is for?I was inspired by Tonya and her new book Word Play Quilts when I was making this row quilt for granddaughter Mercedes. I hope she likes it! Paper dolls & clothes (there will be an envelope on the back for the doll clothes).

Back to binding.....What have YOU been up to?


Beka and Jason Haché said...

We can't wait to see you!
I'll show you the Dr. Suess quilt top I have done! I think I need another panel if you still have them in stock. I have some wall art ideas for Jakob's room...

And Mercedes will LOVE that quilt! It's so cute!!!!

pajudie said...

Love the Dr. Seuss quilt. And what a cute idea for Mercedes quilt - bet she'll love it. Have a safe trip -