Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going to the Doc

This morning I went to the doctor for my annual check-up. In 2007 my normally low blood pressure began to soar. And it stayed up. I had some blood work and my cholesterol was pretty high also. After a trip to the doc I began to take some meds for lowering my blood pressure and lowering my cholesterol. Dr. Larry also suggested I begin to adhere to the South Beach Diet.

I made some radical changes to my diet and found a great blog. Kalyn Denny post wonderfully tasty (and easy) recipes that follow the South Beach Diet. Thanks to Kalyn I was not only able to find a new way of eating, but was able to understand how to make it all work.

Over the last 3 1/2 years I've brought my blood pressure down to normal/low and my cholesterol numbers into the low range too! Dr. Larry is happy with my numbers. He was happy to hear I've found a fondness for Aqua Aerobics. As I am ending my check-up he tells me I need a mammogram. There's a lot of breast cancer in my family and I try make sure I get regular mammograms. There's a lot of squishing, squashing and smashing. Poking, pressing and pinching. Mammograms can make a woman feel violated....almost like this:

What was pretty amazing was that Dr. Larry handed me a mammogram order and suggested we take it next door to the Imaging Center. Surprise, surprise! I could have it done in 10 minutes. Usually you have to wait for them to call you (often several weeks go by) and then you get to make an appt. It could take another month or more before you can get in. So this morning I got it all done.

Then Mr. Scottie Dog and I were off to our bank to get several documents notarized. We had our new wills witnessed and notarized as well as the new Revocable Trust we've set up. We had the deeds to our properties put into the trust and registered with the County Clerk. Interestingly the bank branch manager's mother-in-law is one of our regular customers and so it the county clerk. You find quilters every where.

Mr. Scottie Dog and I went out to lunch and then I had to go to work. We don't often get to do that. Then it was time to go to work. Wednesdays are my late day. I go in after lunch and stay for the evening Sit & Sew class. A lot crammed into one day.


Carol E. said...

How much weight have you lost?

Christine Thresh said...

That is a very funny picture.

Good for you on the health improvements and taking care of business.