Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend at Gramma's

Today I picked up Sydney for Weekend at Gamma's. Gamma & Gampa are going on a road trip and we'll be gone for 40 days and 40 nights....or so Sydney says. Good thing we've got someone who'll keep the cats fed and occupied! And I suspect Sydney will stop by once in awhile to say hello to the kitties.

First we went to the recycling center...getting rid of the mountain of cardboard and paper a quilt shop generates in just one week. Sydney used to stay in the car and had me the cardboard, but now if it's not too busy she can help dump it into the bins.

Second stop was the grocery store. Red peppers, orange peppers, lettuce....let's see, what else is on the list? Gamma was picking up her produce for the first part of the week and two special items for after dinner.....yum...root beer and vanilla ice cream!

When we arrived home Gramma became second best...."Where's Gampa???" I'm pretty popular unless Gampa is around. Then I'm a far second. So Sydney "helped" Gampa work on his truck, mow the back garden and other outside chores. I got everything ready for the Oatmeal Cookies we were going to bake right about the time Sydney came in to wash her hands. She cracked the eggs and put all the ingredients in the mixer bowl.

All righty....Six dozen oatmeal raisin cookies. Sydney told me she doesn't like raisins. But then she DOES like them in cookies!

Dinner fixed and eaten, then she and Gampa practiced for her upcoming talent show. She is in kindergarten and I'm not sure she really knows what a talent show is but she wants to be in it! She decided she was going to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Gampa would accompany her on his accordion. They practiced (Sydney is a typical kindergartner when it comes to singing!) and practiced and after about 30 minutes I suggested we should make Root Beer Floats! I think they both were ready for a break.
Gampa found a microphone and now they are back at it. And surprisingly....Sydney is getting better, actually singing the notes Mr. Scottie Dog is playing! We'll see how Friday's show goes. I know I will think she's the best there is! Probably Mom & Dad & Gampa will too.

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Christine Thresh said...

Six dozen cookies! Are they going to sustain you for the whole trip? They look delicious.