Friday, May 27, 2011

The Talent Show

Today started out with Gamma & Gampa attending the Talent Show at Redwood Christian School here in Eureka. That is where Sydney has nearly finished up her Kindergarten year. She has learned so much this year: how to tell time, to count to 500 & beyond by 1's, 2's, 5's, & 10's. She has learned to read and write and play nice with other children. She's learned about the world and who created it. She knows that Lincoln was the 16th president and freed the slaves, all about George Washington & Martin Luther King and more. She knows the seasons, what month it is and so very much more.

Today was the Talent Show. Early last week Syd announced she was going to sing a song. She planned to make it up as she went along on stage. Hmmm.................. Liz suggested that she sing a song she already knew. Well, Sydney decided if Gampa would play his accordion she would sing for the Talent Show. Here's a YouTube of Sydney singing at the show. Enjoy! Watch for the high five near the end. It's priceless.

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Tanya said...

Good job Sydney! Great to have Gampa in the show too!

Sydney has such beautiful hair... I couldn't tell about Gampa's...