Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long Time, No See...or Quilt Market Pt. 2

Yesterday and today I received several emails from friends in the blogging world saying basically the same thing: "Is everything OK? Long time, no see."

Yes, Tanya, Sara, Nan and Natalie...everything is fine. I've just been busy. I know I blogged last about Quilt Market and said there was more to it is. I spent two weeks with the Grands in MN and the last several days back at home. I'll tell those tales later.


While at Houston's International Quilt Market I rounded an aisle and stood in front of Martingale Publishers' booth. They are That Patchwork Place, one of the larger publishers of Quilting Books. In front of me was a cute gal working on "wonky letters" at a sewing machine. I glanced over and saw a copy (advanced copy...the book is NOT out yet) of Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuley Quilter. Hey...we were InterNet friends...I timidly asked, "Are you Tonya? Wonky letters Tonya?" It turned out, of course, she was and we excitedly chatted about Wonky Letters, InterNet friends we had in common...Carol E. and Tanya W. Then Tonya suggested we have a picture taken:

Frame and all! The quilt we are in front of was made by none other than our friend in Japan, Tanya W. So here's another shot:
I like that there are wonky English letters AND Japanese characters. I believe this quilt now belongs to Tanya's daughter who lives in the states. Quilting certainly makes the world smaller!

This quilt here is not printed fabric! It is all applique by an Australian designer. Her work is impeccable.
This was a "tuffet" in one booth. Note the Yo Yo flowers....3-D flowers were everywhere at Quilt Market. I noted quite a trend in prints, colors, garments, toys, etc, etc that took me back to the mid 1970's.
Of course Sweet Chic was Pretty in Pink..Pink Princess style never goes out of fashion!
The button vendor reminds me of a candy shop display. Yummy color.
Amy Butler's booth is always in good taste....Midwest color-filled and yet so restful.
Close up of some of her pillows & bags.
1950's influenced clothing....Mad Men, anyone? See the fabric flowers again? Sophistication at it's finest.
I loved this Four Poster Bed. Dolls, animals and "veggie" pillows abounded at Market.
If you keep your eyes open, you can even find a Gee's Bend Quilt display at the end of one aisle! Beauty in utilitarian jeans quilt. there's Part 2 of Quilt Market. I've got at least one, if not two, more batches of pictures I think you'd like to see.
Thanksgiving is coming....I'm trying to be more thankful.....and to name my blessings. Today's thought...I'm so very thankful for my family, my daughters, their husbands & children and for my dear sweet Mr. Scottie Dog. I'm very blessed!