Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yard Sale

Stuff, STUFF. Do you have too much stuff? I certainly do. Mr. Scottie Dog and I have been married for 39 years. Lots of time to accumulate stuff. We read books and they go on a shelf. We see a good deal at Costco, Target, etc. and we buy it. Friends and relatives give us more stuff. I checked and I have 5 Pyrex 9" X 13" pans. FIVE. Now I know I have one or two that I inherited from my Mother-in-law. I don't need them. I also have a metal pan I make Mr. Scottie Dog his brownies in. I like metal best for that. So 4 of the glass pans are just excess stuff.

Yard Sale: Set up a bunch of tables on the drive, put up a bunch of signs and wait for people to come and decide they can't live without adding MY stuff to THEIR stuff. What do I have that anyone else might want? A huge box of books....I enjoyed every one of them (except one I only read two chapters and put it on the shelf). Will I ever read them again? Probably not. Now I DO have books on my bookshelf I won't part with. My hardback collection of Little House on the Prairie books I'll always keep. I've also got a few extra sets of dishes to put in the sale. I have a Christmas set, a blue willow set of stoneware, Bill's Mom's china and a set of Pyrex I will be keeping. But what about knick nacks? I've also got way too many. I can't remember who gave me all the country angels, but it's not my style any more. I've got too much furniture and tons of movies (both VHS and DVD) and music I'm going to let someone else put in their home. I've got TV's, linens and more.
So I've got a bunch of friends bringing some of their STUFF too. We'll set up a bunch of tables, the signs are up. Just need to put it all together Sat. morning. Sydney is going to sell lemonade and cookies. I bought donut holes for breakfast. Sydney likes donut holes...... hope I unload a lot of stuff.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Humboldt County Fair

Day 8 of the Humboldt County Fair. I've been coming to the Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale, CA for about 39 years. I remember the first year Mr. Scottie Dog and I attended as newlyweds...actually it was the first county fair I'd ever gone to. Then over the years we brought the girls. Loved to look at all the animals, the flowers, the quilts, the attractions and of course eat a bit of "fair food." Most years when the girls were young we'd bring a picnic lunch or dinner and just buy a treat. Then there were the years I judged the quilts at the fair....and the past few years we've been vending at the Crescent City Quilt Show and missed the fair entirely.
Well this year we are vendors in the commercial building here at the fair. Here are a couple of shots of our booth. We were quite pleased with our location.

Pfaff gave us great pricing for all our machines and we've sent many happy sewers home with new machines. We are also selling quilt kits and a few other things. Business is booming at the Fair!

One of the truisms is that you will eventually see everyone at the fair! I saw Ferndale native, Guy Fieri with his family.

Finally back to blogging. I'll post some vacation pics tomorrow. Hope your summer has been as fun-filled as mine!