Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mr. Scottie Dog and I don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day.  We tell each other often how much we love each other, we try to do nice things for one another regularly.  We've had our share of nice dinners both at restaurants and at home.  This year we were invited to a lovely event at Eureka First Baptist Church.  They had a Valentine Dinner last Saturday night: Puttin on the Glitz.  Mr. Scottie Dog helped with the marque sign lights.  This is a small church that put on a very impressive wall was transported to NY, NY. Hollywood couldn't do it could see inside the movie theatre and see the film (Top Hat with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers).
 The tables were decorated, lots of red and hearts...each table had a top hat, gloves and a cane too.
I was happy to see that this wasn't just a "couples" event.  Lots of singles and lots of age range.  Young gals in prom dresses, even a few little ones in Valentine finery.
 Dinner was cooked entirely by the men of the church...a nice thing for the ladies.  Dessert was ice cream and hand decorated cookies to look like a Tux.
 And there was live music!  The Eureka Brass played for nearly 3 hours.  At first we enjoyed music while we ate and then they took a break (to eat their dinner) while the rest of us enjoyed the drawing of the Door Prizes.  Mr. Scottie Dog had given me $20 worth of tickets and I put them into the drawings for the items I might like to win....and we won!  We went home with a great "guy" basket with gift cards and candy and all manner of goodies.

 We danced the night away...what fun!  I really can't remember such a fun night for a long time.

 Here's Ray and Becki Sanders...they were responsible for most of the decorations and lots more.  They were also Sydney's preschool teachers.  We've been so blessed to know them.

 They even had a "photo op" for couples.  We cleaned up pretty good, I think!

So that was Saturday night.  Fast forward to Valentine's Day.....In the morning Mr. Scottie Dog gave me some lovely flowers and a card that brought tears to my eyes.  I gave him a card and a chocolate cake I made.  I went to work....he'd woken up with the beginnings of a bad cold.  By the time I got home to fix a nice dinner he was feeling pretty bad.  He decided all he wanted was cold cereal and he went to bed at 8:35 pm.  This was our 42nd Valentine's Day.  It's true, "Love is all you need...................."