Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sometimes moving takes a LOOOOONNNNGGG time!

 Just the other day, Mr. Scottie Dog and I remarked as how we now feel like Mid-Westerners.  We belong here: this flat, fertile, farmland in the middle of the country.  Even with the early snowstorms and temperatures around 10 degrees, we feel grounded in this place.  Minnesota has become HOME.

That said, we are still just sojourners.  We've brought load 2 of 6-7 here to our new land.  Notice I didn't say "home."  As of yet here in Minnesota we are homeless.  Well, not technically because Beka and Jason cheerfully put us up in their guest room and the Krause family lets us store our trailers of household goods in their farm warehouse, but we don't as of yet have a house here.  Wellll, actually we DO have TWO houses here but they are rentals.  No place to hang our hats that we can call our own.  I suppose that will come next Spring or Summer when we finally get the last load moved and our home in Eureka sold.

We'll be back in CA soon, pack and load up another trailer so we can be in Minnesota for Christmas surrounded by grandchildren!

Last night the family gathered to celebrate Beka's birthday.  What fun to have the whole family together.