Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

This time of year usually has us decorating for Christmas.  We are expecting a houseful this year and I can hardly wait.  Daughter Beka, Son-in-law Jason and the grands: Jakob, Mercedes, Shiloh & Anastacia will all be at our house for 3 weeks.  I'm so excited.  But that means we need to make sure we have room for them to sleep, eat, play and just "hang out" in. The guest room is ready, clean sheets, vacuumed floors, etc.  Beka and Jason will sleep there.  I've been tackling the secondary guest room lately.  It has been a catch-all for a couple of years.  There were boxes of fabric (only another quilter will understand that).  Boxes of miscellaneous office supplies, boxes of books, boxes and boxes of quilting magazines.  Why have I saved them for the past 25 years?  So I've sorted and cleaned and sorted some more.  Packed up boxes for future yard sale in Spring.  Packed up boxes of sewing fabric and supplies.  Packed up boxes and boxes destined for the recycling center.  And some of the boxes are sorted and marked so that they will eventually be opened in our new Minnesota home.  Of course we don't actually HAVE a home in MN yet, but we will one of these days.

I've been packing up boxes like this.  The house has been decorated for Christmas.  Tree is up, outside lights are up, garlands and lights circle the windows.....this year when it is packed away, I'll sort through it and we'll only be keeping the really awesome things.  The Nativity Figurines my mother made me 35 years ago.  The ornaments the kids made when they were 3 and 4 and 5.  The rest will be put in boxes for that yard sale.  I can buy new lights and garlands and a wreath in Minnesota.  This Christmas is a time for firsts: First time most of the Grands have been here for Christmas.  First time for Christmas dinner at Grandma's. And also the last Christmas in California.  Last New Year's....the countdown has begun.  And at 60 (nearly 61) I am ready for a new adventure moving across the country.

 But look at the's already a lot of work!