Monday, July 17, 2017

A Most-Neglected Blog

I've been meaning to write a blog post for at least 4 months.  Each day I think I'll get to it.  I've neglected my blog and will try to bring it up to date.  

Bill had his surgery for rectal cancer the end of March.  The colostomy portion of the surgery was performed by Dr. Sarah Vogler her in MN using a robot!  Then she removed the tumor and rectum.  Bill was a model hospital patient and came home feeling pretty well.  He adjusted to the colostomy with all it's bags and fittings with ease. Just a little adjustment as to products to use and he's a pro.  Easy to take care of, no muss, no fuss....except that no one told us that without a sphincter on his stoma (the opening on his left side) lets out loud and copious gas with bravado!  Any time.  Any where.  Big Red (the name he's given his stoma) has no manners.

There was, however, much pain associated with the closing of the rectum that began about 10 days after surgery and only began to subside about 4 weeks ago.  We are both grateful that he doesn't need anything for the pain anymore except a very large cushion to sit on.  This week Bill also registered a first...he's gained a couple of pounds.

Chemo began the end of May on a two week rotation. He goes in on a Wednesday and spends a couple of hours in a comfy chair getting a ton of anti-nausea drugs pumped in and then gets hooked up to an infusion pump in a fanny pack that is his constant companion until Friday when he goes back to get unhooked.  This is pumping in the chemo cocktail which is supposed to kill any stray cancer cells in his body.  It's easy for me to say that it's not too bad.  He's tired a lot of the time but doing more and more projects around the house.  

We have a flock of chickens now....Bill build a wonderful coop and run with help from the family.  He repaired the cover to our pool and we found that it needs some additional work to get it ready for family....right now it's more like a huge pond.  But little by little he's working on pumps, etc.  He's been able to help out the son-in-laws with some and sheet rock and electrical this and that.  Each day he seems better.  The first few days after chemo are tough, but we are moving along.

I'll try to update soon with all the other happenings here on Deerwood Circle.