Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A New Beginning This December

We have moved into our new house! Well, technically we have moved TO our new house.  We are still living in the trailer and will for a couple of weeks yet.  The new house sits on 2.5 acres just outside Jordan, MN on a small hill above an apple orchard.  Our neighbors are mostly farmers, but one bonus is that we are already close friends to two families that live in the neighborhood!
 The house is large...not quite the downsizing we thought we'd be doing at this time in our lives, but will eventually suit us well.  It was a foreclosure and needs a lot of work.  A split-level, there is an entry, kitchen, dining, living, powder room and office all on the main level.  6 steps down is a large family  room, bathroom w/shower, bedroom and laundry.  6 steps up from the entryway are 3 bedrooms and a walk-through full bathroom.  Our plans for next year is to convert two of those rooms into a master suite with it's own bathroom.  So our now 4 bed/3 bath will become 3 bedroom/4 bath.  Crazy for 2 people, I know, but we hope and plan for lots of visitors.  Did I mention it has a swimming pool?  We never thought of ourselves as pool people but with 7 grandchildren I expect we'll put that pool to good use!
 In addition to the attached 2-car garage (with a side roll up door for the riding mower) there is a separate 2-car garage that will someday become my sewing/quilting studio. 

This is the huge shop for Mr. Scottie Dog. This is his favorite part of the house.  He will be able to house all his equipment and tools with room for his bobcat tractor, lifts and trucks.  We will use the space behind this building for our chickens.....we want to raise some layers, some fryers, some ducks, a few turkeys and maybe even a goose or two.  The garden will go between the two garages....already fenced to keep the local deer population out.

 We woke up Sunday to snow!  It only lasted a day as Monday it got up to 40 degrees.  But it's Tuesday now and the highest temps we should have for the rest of the week are 22 or so....lots of flakes flurrying around this morning but no accumulation.  I'm new enough to MN that this CA girl can just stare in wonder at the snow falling for hours.

Tomorrow Mr. Scottie Dog begins his radiation and chemo treatments.  With the Lord we will take each day as it comes.  Lots to do to make this house livable....new floors, new walls, painting, etc.  The kitchen is finally clean enough to use.  New adventure and journey for the Scotts.