Sunday, June 19, 2011

The last 3 weeks.

Haven't heard much from me for the past 3 weeks......we've been on holiday! Mr. Scottie Dog and I hitched up our 30' house on wheels and took 6 days to drive from Eureka, CA to Savage, MN! We drove through cities and towns and hamlets, deserts and valleys and mountains and forests, sun and rain and snow! Yes, there was a lot of snow still on the ground in CA, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming and just a tiny bit in Nebraska. We braved the cold, the heat and thunderstorms. I'd never been to Nebraska and Iowa...both states were green and growing and the towns were so inviting...we drove mostly off-the-beaten-path kind of roads there.

We've been here in MN with the grandkids for two weeks. Little Shiloh even says Grammy now. She takes a few steps and then crawls again. Jakob rides his two-wheeler like the wind and Sadies has fun at every turn. I'm reading "A Secret Garden" to her now.

Thanks to those back home taking care of the kitties and the old home place, we appreciate you. A HUGE round of thanks to Liz holding down the fort at Redwood Sewing Center and doing a wonderful job. Photos to follow of everything.