Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm a member!

Several weeks ago my friend Carol posted a picture of a little toy she'd made. It was a funky free-form "monster," the kind of soft toy perfect for a boy or a girl. She introduced me (and her other blog readers) to The Toy Society. Here are just a few of the toys Carol has made. She really inspired me and I made my first toy while I was in Minnesota.

I found a pattern for this cute little Scottie Dog on line and I made two of them. I named this one "Alastair" and took him with me to Sacramento this past weekend. I have another I'll leave somewhere in town.

At The Toy Society site they show pictures of toys "dropped" and toys "found". You can download labels and more. Each toy is accompanied by a card with information inside about The Toy Society. I made my card with some pictures I cut out of a $1 children's book. I've never scrap booked but making my tag and label were fun. I didn't use glue, but stitched my cards together. Guess that's the quilter in me.

The idea behind The Toy Society is that you make a soft toy suitable for a child, you attach a little tag which says, "I'm free! Take me home." Then you find a spot to leave your toy where a child will find it. Some members leave toys at parks, libraries, doctor's offices, lots of creative places. I left mine near the front gate of Scandia Miniature Golf Course in Citrus Heights, CA. about 9 am on Sunday morning.

It's kind of like a random act of don't know who will find your toy, hopefully someone who won't throw it away, but I'd like to think that someone who really needed a little hug, or pick-me-up or affirmation will find it. Maybe it will give a grown-up some faith or trust and in addition a child will have a little squishy toy to hold close and find some comfort.

Look for more toys....I think it's a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful concept. I hope it was a child that found your toy.
I am sure he/she will be blessed as you will.

Anonymous said...

Your little Alistair is adorable! Isn't "dropping" fun??? I just want to do it every day! But I do have to save time for my real life.

Anonymous said...

Oh... LOL. I'm signed in as "Janet." I have a goofy email account at Google where my name is Janet. I'm really Carol E. from Minnesota!!

BevH said...

How fun is THAT!! The best part is the dropping part. Cool!