Friday, June 26, 2009

We went to the Fair!

The Redwood Acres Fair is in full swing in Eureka, CA! Tuesday afternoon I was supposed to go to the Fairgrounds and choose the awards Scottie Dog Quilts gives for quilting. We give $50 to the quilt we judge for Best Use Of Color for adults and $25 for children. Well, one thing led to another and I confess, I forgot to go. A call at 5 pm reminded me and so I made arrangements to go at noon on Wednesday AFTER the Fair began.

Sydney was glad to go with Grandma! She helped pick the quilts and then we had an hour to enjoy the fair. If you are 4 years old and you have an hour what do you do?
You ride the Merry-go-round, up and down, round and round. This is a small fair so the ride operators actually give a decently timed ride.

Then it was a time for a puppet show...Sydney loved it and sat, laughed and clapped for one half hour.

It was then time for another ride...this time Sydney chose to ride in a "combertable" like her friend Judy owns...but Syd made sure to note that Judy's "combertable" was white and she was riding a black one.

A stop at the concession stand to buy Cotton Candy and we were back to the Quilt Shop. Syd wouldn't eat her Cotton Candy until she got back to the store so she could share with Mama. Most of the bag, though, went home with her so she could share with Daddy. Sydney is a Daddy's girl for sure.

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