Thursday, June 11, 2009

More toy drops!

Today I took Sydney to the zoo....we do that every once in awhile. Eureka is not a big town, but we have our own zoo. Up until last year it was free. Now you can buy a membership (I bought the Grandparent Membership. Two adults and two under 18 can get in on the membership. Cost only $49/year) and last year Sydney and I were the first ones to buy such a membership. Read about it here.

While we were at the zoo we made two different toy drops for The Toy Society. First off while we visited the gibbons and the spider monkeys we left "Angus" the second little felt Scottie Dog I made.

We left Angus on a bench called "Brayden's Bench" in honor of a little boy who lived and passed on in little more than a year. His memory is honored with that bench.

No one was around when we left it and after watching the bears sleep, the golden tamarins, the ravens, the flamingos and the birds in the aviary Sydney decided that it was time for ice cream....strawberry!

While Sydney licked her cone we spied a little boy and his grandma....he was holding our little Scottie and she had the bag in her hand! I was able to bet a picture of them while taking a picture of Sydney!

Sydney loved being in on the drops. At first she thought she should get to have the toys. When I explained they were "a surprise for someone to find" she was in. She kept whispering and helped me tie our next toy onto a bench by the Spotted Owls.

"Maggie" was our second toy. I made her while I was still in Minnesota and I've just waited for the right time to make my toy drops. I'm sure some think I'm pretty crazy, but you know....I love this.

Tomorrow I'll show you the new purse I made.


liz scott adams said...

You know what's funny? That little doll that you made while in Minnesota, the fabric you used is from a project I made while in Minnesota a few years ago. We must have similar taste. I got it at Eagle Creek. Beka must have the leftovers in her stash!

Carol E. said...

Funny coinkydink that you and Liz used the same fabric while visiting MN. I love doing the toy drops. Some people think it's kind of weird, like in this day and age no one would trust it or pick it up... thankfully there are trusting people, and our toys further prove that people are trustworthy! I've been having a blast making them and dropping them. So far I have only heard of one "capture" but it's still fun to drop 'em. Good for Syd getting in on the fun!

Claire said...

Do you put notes with them? Is it anything like the book thing where books are left with a note and a website so that their travels can be tracked?

Claire said...

OK, so i should keep reading before to the explanation