Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's Up Lately

I've been busy lately, our store is gearing up for several events:

  • Quilt Camp begins this Friday. It's Day Camp for Quilters! Meals are provided (one night we treat them to dinner at Rita's, a great Mexican place a block away) and we quilt from morning till night! The project we'll be doing this time is "Sweet" and they ladies will be learning to applique curves by machine!

  • Redwood Empire Quilters Guild is having their big, every other year Quilt Show July 18 & 19 at Redwood Acres Fairground in Eureka, CA. They'll have nearly 300 quilts this year and many vendors including Scottie Dog Quilts. It's a big job vending at a quilt show and it takes weeks of hard work to pull it off. Come by our booth for wonderful new things, coupons for great discounts at the store and a big hello!

  • Scottie Dog Quilts Alaskan Quilting Cruise August 7-14! We are so very excited as we sail in only six and a half weeks. There are so many details to iron out, so many plans to complete, quilting projects to finish (I've finished mine....just ironing out the teaching details!). We are gathering door prizes.....pretty fabulous! We still have room if you have been thinking about it!

Sydney has started gymnastics. She seems to spend most of her time upside down!

Head stands, somersaults, bars, frog hopping and more. UP.....
and DOWN!

Doesn't her smile say it all!
Last weekend Liz and family and her friend Larissa & family went to a very isolated campground called Watts Lake. We decided to come up for Father's Day Lunch. There are several ways to get to Watts Lake and Mr. Scottie Dog decided to take a short cut.....instead of 2 hours and 10 minutes our short cut took 3 hours and 5 minutes. Well, the map didn't show our route was mostly dirt road! Once we got off Highway 101 we saw 3 cars and lots of cows in the last 2 hours of driving. We drove from Meyers Flat through Ft. Seward, Alderpoint, Zenia....these towns flourished in days gone by...way by. When stagecoaches went through and logging boomed in the Redwoods these towns boomed. Now I suspect it is an agricultural product that booms in these parts...some cattle ranches, but Humboldt Gold is probably the main crop.
Here are 3 cuties (L to R: Kaia, Sydney & Emma) not 3 peas in a pod but 3 pink princesses on a log! By the way, Wyatt lake is not much bigger than the lot our house sits on!

We cooked burgers & dogs over the campfire and celebrated Mr. Scottie Dog's birthday with a cake and candles that wouldn't stay lit. Later we had some fun around the campfire, I beat Mr. Scottie Dog at Chinese Checkers (that's got to be a first!!!!), Syd roasted marshmallows and we ended up staying the night sleeping in the back of the Tahoe....next time I'll remember to bring the trailer!

Back home Monday and classes to teach....and that is what's up lately.

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Carol said...

I remember picnics in that area when I was attending Humboldt. Swimming somewhere near Meyer's Flat, camping at Jedidiah Smith Park, watching the elk at Prairie (something). Brings back a lot of happy memories. Especially refreshing when temperature today on our Oklahoma farm will be over 100 degrees!