Monday, November 14, 2016

Walking Through the Fire OR What We've Been Up to

So much has happened recently I hardly know where to begin.  We sold our house in Eureka, CA the end of May.  We went to Yellowstone with our family in June.  Mr. Scottie Dog has been back and forth from CA to MN three times with one more trip to go....but we've put it on hold until sometime next year. 

We've been looking for a house to live in.  We really haven't asked for much.......well, a little bit of acreage, a house to live in that has enough room for visitors, a place for me to sew and an extra building or two to store all of Mr. Scottie Dog's equipment: a Bobcat tractor, two big trucks, a hydraulic lift, some table saws, etc, etc, etc.  Oh, and it has to be in our price range and less than 15 from Beka and Jason's house in Jordan.

 We looked at several places and found a few we really liked.  One place we knew of wasn't on the market yet.  We knew it was in foreclosure and in the right neighborhood and had the things we wanted.  We had a chance to see it and knew we liked it right away (did I tell you it has a pool?).  It needs a lot of clean-up work and so we made an offer.  The bank didn't like our offer. 

Then Mr. Scottie Dog went to the doctor for a small insignificant thing and our world changed forever.  CANCER.  That's right, the dreaded "C" word no one wants to hear.  We checked the Internet....and my stomach stopped working and tears leaked from my eyes for the next 4 days as poor Bill was scoped, poked, prodded, had cat scans and MRI's, blood tests and more.  Mr. Scottie Dog began to put all his affairs in order.  We put our trust in God.  We told each other how much we loved each other. We've had 44 years together and it didn't seem like enough. The house was put on hold.  We went to a surgeon.  What the surgeon told us was quite encouraging.  Then on to the oncologist and to a oncology radiologist.  Each one told us the same story.  It's going to be a long, hard year. First, 6+ weeks of radiation and chemo 5 days/week.   6-7 weeks later surgery.  Then 4 weeks after that he'll begin 4 months of infusion chemo.  But at the end of that time, Mr. Scottie Dog should recover to be as active as he is now and live to a normal life expectancy. 

We know that we aren't guaranteed a long life.  But we've taken a deep breath, thanked the Lord for His care and grace for the time we have had together and are preparing for this road through the fire.  Oh, and today we bought that house.  The house story is long and full of give and take and negotiations but our awesome realtor, Mike did all the hard work.  Our new house is 7 minutes from Beka's in Jordan.  It's in farm country and we are close friends with two of our neighbors. We'll move there right about the time Mr. Scottie Dog begins his treatments and the house needs MAJOR cleaning but it looks like a lot of friends will be there to help.  As soon as we get the keys I will post some photos.  Who thought we'd live in our travel trailer for 6 months?

God IS Good!  Hug your loved ones today! comment on the election.  For those of you who voted as I did.....I love you.  For those of you who didn't.....I love you too.  'Nough said.


Hannah said...

Praying for you guys!

Sandy said...

Wonderful post. I am praying for you all.

Unknown said...

Sending my positive thoughts and prayers to the entire Scott family. Big hugs to all. God is good.

Janine said...

Love you all. Wish we were there to help you clean. God bless you all!

Janine said...

Love you all. Wish we were there to help you clean. God bless you all!

Anne said...

Love you both. Praying much!

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