Friday, December 5, 2008

Advent Tea

Tonight was a tradition for me. Every year, the first Friday in December is The Advent Tea at the Eureka United Methodist Church. Tonight was the 49th annual Tea. Let's see if I can tell the story right. 49 years ago several ladies at the church decided to have a tea to celebrate the Advent Season. They used their best china and crystal, sang carols and took up an offering for those less fortunate. Every year it grew and grew so that as long as I can remember (I've attended for more than 20 years) they had to expand to an afternoon tea and an evening tea.

Ladies of the church vie for the chance to hostess a table...and then each decorates a table around a theme. Beautifully fragrant pink roses with china to match. Each hostess makes an elegant dessert...the tables groan under the weight of nuts, chocolates, cookies, crackers and more.

Everyone comes a half an hour early to admire all the tables....each hostess has place cards to show where everyone sits.

Over the years all of my daughters have attended with me some of the time. Tonight Liz and Sydney came with me. We listened to the Redwood Children's Choir and a Christmas story told by the pastor. The ladies lit the Advent Candles and read scripture. And of course we all sang Christmas Carols with gusto.

It seems to me that beginning December with this wonderful reminder of why we celebrate the season is perfect for me. Alleluia! Jesus is Born!

Sydney loved looking at all the tables and especially all the goodies at her place. However.....she pronounced the candy cane as "too spicy!"


Christine Thomas (Napa) said...

"Too spicy"...that's cute. It's what my granddaughters also say when something doesn't taste "right". An Advent tea sounds completely delightful. I should think it would be a lot less stressful than a Christmas dinner later in the month.

Carol E. said...

Pretty tables! Pretty granddaughter! And I agree, candy cane IS too spicy.

jen duncan said...

Oh Brenda! What a wonderful tradition to look forward to AND to share with all your girls. :-) 'Course, probably even if I DID have something like that to look forward to I'd forget! ;-)

Lindah said...

What a lovely tradition! And yes, a wonderful way to set the focus on the birth of Jesus.

Shari said...

The Advnet Tea sounds wonderful.