Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Now that we're on the subject of New Year's Resolutions....do you make them? I don't, although I do try to take stock of the past year/month/week and think about the wrongs I've been guilty of, the habits I might like to get back. I don't RESOLVE, I just yearn.....sounds a lot like a wishy-washy type B personality doesn't it. Well, welcome to my world!

That said, I'd like to think that this year I'm going to make more quilts....more for me, my family & friends and especially more for some of the charities I love so much. A week from Sat. (Jan 10) here at the store we'll be gathering to make quilts for the Eureka Dialysis Center's patients. We do this every year. On National Quilting Day in March we'll be having a sew-in for Sunshine...a quilting charity for children overseas.

Now wouldn't it be great in 2009 if we tried using up some of our stash? That's about going green, you know. You could smugly say to those who say you aren't green enough, "I've been recycling my stash, don't you know?"

My friend Bonnie Hunter has written a new book called Scraps & Shirttails: Re-use, Re-purpose, Recycle. Bonnie is the undisputed Queen of Scrap Quilts, so this book is perfect for using up your stash.

Stash quilts have such vibrancy, impact and charm.

Another Queen of Scraps is Pat Speth. She coined the phrase "Nickel Quilts." Of course you know what those are: 5" Charm Squares. Pat is the one who started this whole thing. Both Nickel Quilts and her second book, More Nickel Quilts are still on the best seller lists.

Pat has a brand new book out (just arrived today!) called Amazing Nickel Quilts. This book is another winner and it really is amazing the way she can do so many things with a 5" square.

Also you might want to check out our Stash Pot Pie classes. Each month we have a night or day class with another new scrap quilt pattern,

Looks like I just might get to using up that stash in 2009...how about you?


Anonymous said...

Brenda, My word for resolutions is "velleity" - "a mere wish unaccompanied by any effort to obtain it."

laurajane sutter said...

While Emily was home from UC Davis for Christmas break she made a quilt for her boyfriend Tim. We used fabrics I bought last year at St Vincent De Paul in old town Eureka, a bunch of men's shirt type plaids and that new bamboo-cotton batting. We felt very eco-groovy, appropriate for us all but especially a college student. Tim, of course, adored the quilt.