Monday, December 29, 2008

Sydney's Snow Adventure

I get to see my Eureka granddaughter, Sydney (almost 4) nearly every day. But for Christmas she and her parents drove to Grant's Pass, OR to have Christmas with Steve's Grandma, Juanita. They had a little snow and Sydney got to build her first snowman. It was about 4" tall.

On the way home they stopped at Steve's Uncle Gilley's log cabin. There was lots of snow at Uncle Gilley's! Sydney had a blast in the snow. She didn't want to come inside. They built a snowman as tall as Sydney. I love this picture progression...Running in the snow.....building the snowman.....bending over....oops!

What fun Sydney had! I think now she'll understand a bit more about snow at cousin Jakob's house.


liz said...

In the last picture, doesn't it look like the snowman is trying to make a run for it?

Carol E. said...

I love the interesting placement of the snowman's arms in that last picture!

Carol E. said...

Oh, wait a minute, I see my eyes were just playing tricks on me. Silly me! I thought Sydney had moved the arms up to the head, but it was just my goofy eyesight!

Christine Thomas said...

Oh Brenda...that last picture made me laugh out loud. Kee-yoot.