Sunday, December 28, 2008

Grandma's December Adventure

It's no secret that I love being a Grandma. Most days I get to spend with Sydney, nearly 4 years old. She is my daughter Liz's daughter. They live in Eureka and work with me at Scottie Dog Quilts.
But I also am so blessed when I get to go to Minnesota to be with daughter Beka and her children, my Minnesota grandbabies. One of the first things

I had promised Jakob, who is almost 3 years old, was that he and Grandma were going to make cookies. It was so much fun...and so much much colored sugar.....! Jakob decided he should get two and everyone else could only have one. We never got a picture of the cookies, I think we all ate them too quickly. Jakob pronounced them "Good."
Jakob is a big boy--he's as tall as many 5 year olds and so it's easy to forget he's not quite 3. We watched some VegeTales DVD's, I must have read "Green Eggs and Ham" twenty times (it seemed like 20 times PER DAY!), we tickled,
we laughed, we gave each other BIG hugs and generally had fun. Jakob knows who I am and tells me he lubs me.

Mercedes' entire face lights up when she makes eye contact. She is a cutie....just a month away from her 1st birthday. Still small and petite she gets around quickly and efficiently--crawling or walking around the coffee table or anything else she can pull up on. She's got eating down---don't leave anything on the floor or she'll eat it up.
She loved the sparkle of the package bows best. Jakob helped her open her presents, and she
played with the bows and paper.
She's great at cooing and shrieking. Some mamamam and dadada but no real words yet. I'm sure she'll say "Grandma" first!

Jakob loved everything about Christmas. The Advent Calendar with a small piece of chocolate each day, singing, the tree and all it's ornaments, stockings, opening presents (both his and Mercedes), the Christmas Story in his "Jesus Book" (a children's Bible that Jason reads from every night before bed). An I think he especially liked the basketball hoop he got for Christmas. It's my hope that he enjoyed Grandma & Grandpa's visit too. We slept in the basement bedroom (and enjoyed using the nice bathroom Mr. Scottie Dog built last Sept) and some mornings Jakob had to come roust Grandma out of bed. I think he did it just so he could bounce on the bed!

We braved the cold, we shopped, we went to the zoo, we played in the snow. The adults played Shanghai Rummy one night (and I won!). We baked cookies, we cooked Christmas dinner.....Mr. Scottie Dog and I packed a lot of living into those 10 short days. What an adventure!

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The Hachés said...

Mom, for a few days after you guys left, Jakob would head down to the basement looking for Grandma and Grandpa! It was super cute and sad because I had to tell them you had flown home. He is looking forward to the next time Grandma and Grandpa come! He wants to play in the snow more with Grandpa and still asks to make more cookies with you!