Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Day

I hope your Thanksgiving Dinner was as nice as ours. We missed those family members who weren't with us but Liz and Steve were great hosts.

Liz cooked a perfect turkey! Sydney decided the table needed place cards (where does a 3 year old learn about place cards?) so when we arrived she and Liz were putting the finishing touches on the leaf cards with our names on it. Sydney knew where she wanted everyone to sit. Our meal was fairly traditional. Turkey & stuffing, rolls, gravy, yams with marshmallow topping, cranberry sauce and cranberry jello salad. All Sydney cared about was olives and rolls....typical 3 year old. We all told what we were thankful for round the table, Mr. Scottie Dog asked the blessing and we ate...and ate and ate. Too much, I'm afraid.
Then Bill & Steve did some diagnostic work on a car problem while Liz helped me quilt 3 doll quilts on the big machine. Then we played cards and ate pumpkin pie & apple crisp. Umm, umm. Then Mr. Scottie Dog and I rolled home. Great day!

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